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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Unit 1 Seminar
Lena Thomas
Kaplan University
Professor Chusid

Hello Professor. Unfortunately with my work schedule, I am unable to attend the live seminars. However, I went ahead and completed option 2. Thank you,
Lena Thomas
1. Why is understanding the history of psychology important? I have always believe history is an important part of knowledge. In order to understand where we are today, we must understand where we have come from. Our past shows the path that got us to where we are today. Also knowing the history of what you are studying can help you steer clear of any mistakes that may have been made in the past. History of Psychology courses have been around since 1911. This is to help students get a better idea of psychology and have a link between the past and the present. 2. Why might historical information contain inaccuracies? Many things can be inaccurate with history information. People who recorded the information may have recorded it wrong. This may be due to the person they were interviewing. People who recorded it recorded may not have written down all the facts. Some people who recorded information wrong, may be protecting the person who the information is about. Such as Freud’s biographer down playing his cocaine use. Data has also been lost and found again later. Information may have been translated wrong and then later found out the true meaning. The data may be interpreted differently. A person may have a different memory than what actually happened. An example of this would be Skinner portraying his early days of work, work, and work. His colleagues portray him as a normal guy. Also, history can change and the spirit of the time or zeitgeist may be different. 3. What is the Zeitgeist?

The Zeitgeist is the spirit of the age or the spirit of the time. This would be the intellectual fashion of the time. This would also be the dominant school of though. For example in the 60’s people wore bell...
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