Legal Issues in Human Resources Management

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Solnik, C. (2006, September). Employers told to prevent sexual harassment through policies, training, and procedures. St. Charles County Business Record (MO).

This article was written based on an incident that took place in an end-of-the-year holiday party at an unidentified company. The incident involved a female and a male employee and resulted in a sexual-harassment complaint by the female employee. Although the article was written based on this incident, its main goal was to teach or point out to employers the major consequences they will face by not taking preventive measures to avoid such incidents, what they can do to prevent them from happening, and what they should do if they occur. It discussed the legal issues surrounding sexual harassment, how these laws came about, its trend over the years, and the actions taken in the particular incident mentioned. Even though the article focused on sexual harassment, its scope went beyond just the concept of sexual harassment that the preventive measures discussed can be applied to almost any legal issue in Human Resources Management.

Introduced using the story of an unacceptable behavior at a party that led to a complaint, the article made three important points:

1. Prevention is more important when it comes to legal matters than finding solution after a problem exists. As stated in the article, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Employers who do not take the Equal Employment Opportunity laws and other related ordinances seriously, and do not spend enough time in implementing preventive measures to avoid situations that can lead to lawsuits, will have a difficult, expensive, and less efficient workplace.

2. Despite the falling trend in the number of complaints reported over the years, the issue of sexual harassment should not be ignored in the workplace....
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