Legal Compliance with Un Directives

Topics: Wind power, Renewable energy, World energy resources and consumption Pages: 6 (2040 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Beyond Bricks :
A report on a new proposed business plan in the field of renewable energy 2013
Strategy Builders Consulting Inc.

Sustainable development and renewable energy are among the most talked about topics at the moment. Renewable energy is the concept that the think tanks are throwing their weight behind, and the same is true for the European Union (EU, henceforth) The business model that we are going to propose, deals with promoting renewable energy resources, and has a lot of other elements to it, which are all in compliance with the vision that the EU has in place. The existing real estate agency in question is functional in both the residential as well industrial sectors. As a result of your operations, you have a strong and commendable network in place, which can be utilised in furthering our recommended business model. According to the ‘Energy 20:20’ vision of the EU, every new building must comply with renewable energy standards, set by regulations. The existing and old buildings will also have to modify their installations to meet the new requirements. Considering that improving energy efficiency is high on importance for the EU, and for the entire developed world, we anticipate that the authorities are going to be fairly stringent on the issue of compliance of the said regulations. In approximately 7-9 years from today, it is going to be mandatory for buildings to meet the new set of criteria. Since we are still some distance away from the 2020 milestone, there is a fair chance of exploiting the time and reaping benefits. The Concept

We propose to set up a model, wherein we facilitate installation as well as replacement of efficient and renewable energy components. We will have to tie up with providers of renewable energy sources and provide their services and products to our customers, who buy property from us. This service will also include our previous customers who would be looking to replace their current electricity system with renewable energy. In addition to promoting and facilitating use of renewable energy, we also propose to set up a carbon capture and storage unit and mechanism for our industrial installations. We will form alliances with small scale providers of these mechanisms and provide their services and goods to our customers. In addition to the task of acting as an intermediary, we also propose to employ and train a team of technicians, who will provide maintenance and after sales services to the customers. For this maintenance team, we will hire young, unemployed people from lower sections of the economy, who will be trained by our energy providing partners, and this initiative will hence, help in improving their societal placement. We also propose to tie up with an energy efficiency certification agency, so that our customers can easily obtain certifications. Rationale behind the concept

The Commission says that EU must embrace renewable sources, not only to slow the climate changes but also because the EU's reliance on imported gas that is set to increase from 57% currently to 84% by 2030, and on imported oil from 82% to 93%. Hence the EU sets the goal of 1. Increasing renewable energy's share of the market to 20% by 2020, from around 8.5% today. 2. Energy consumption is to be cut by 20% by 2020 through improved energy efficiency compared to 1990 levels. 3. Green house gas emissions are to be cut by 20% by 2020 compared with 1990 levels. The commission says states aid can legitimately be used to promote emissions cuts and increase take-up of renewables, so long as it does not breach EU competition rules. The commission has come up with new proposals for the EU to co-finance national and local schemes to promote energy-efficient housing. The EU will help member states install double glazing, wall insulation and solar panels in housing, especially targeting low-income households. The customers

The target group of customers for this business...
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