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In India to establish a sole proprietorship there is no need of filing any legal documents with the Indian state government.  There are four simple steps that should be taken: 1. Choose a business name.

2. File an assumed business name with the county recorder. 3. Obtain licenses, permits, and zoning clearance.
4. Obtain an Employer Identification Number.

To establish a sole proprietorship in any other state:-
1. Choose a Business Name
In Indiana, a sole proprietor may use his or her own given name or may use an assumed business name or trade name.  It is a good idea to choose a name that is not too similar to another registered business because of common and federal law trademark protections. To make sure your business name is available, run a search in the following government databases: * Indiana Secretary of State

* U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
* Local county recorder’s office

 2. File an Assumed Business Name
If you use a business name that is different from your legal name, Indian requires you to file a certificate of assumed business name. This is a mandatory requirement in Indiana. To file your assumed business name, you have to fill out the assumed business name certificate available from the county recorder’s office in the county where your business is located or download the form at the Indiana State Information Center. The filing fee varies from county to county. You can find contact information for each county from the Indiana Secretary of State.

 3. Obtain Licenses, Permits, and Zoning Clearance
Indian does not require a general business license for a sole proprietor to operate a business. However, depending on your business activities, you may need an occupational or professional license. You can obtain this information by going to the Indian Professional Licensing Agency or the Indian State Information...
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