Legacy of Christopher Columbus

Topics: Latin America, Christopher Columbus, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 7 (2608 words) Published: October 6, 2010
The Legacy of Christopher Columbus

After many centuries, a lot of controversy still surrounds Christopher Columbus. He remains to be a strange figure in history regarded as a famous explorer and a great mariner who made many discoveries in his days. Other people still regard him as a visionary and a national hero while others chose to remember him as a brutal and greedy person who used the rest of the humanity for his own selfish gains. Despite the fact that there have been protests in his being honored through a holiday referred to as the Columbus Day, he still deserves recognition and acknowledgement as a historical figure performed a great role in the making of the modern world.

1.0 Introduction
Christopher Columbus was a famous explorer of Italian origin who has been given credit for many events that took place in history. These events happened as a result of the discoveries he made on his voyages. As a result of his exploits, Christopher Columbus has received both praise and condemnation. His four transatlantic voyages paved way for the Europeans to explore, exploit and colonize America. Controversy has risen over honoring the explorer as a hero or a villain. This paper will assess the legacy of Christopher Columbus within the context of Latin American History and the consequences attributed to his explorations. Born about 1451 in Genoa, Christopher Columbus was a fearless adventurer who sailed the Atlantic from 1492 to1506. After he became an experienced sailor he mover to Portugal to seek financial help and support for a voyage he was planning but his idea was rejected by the Portuguese. King Ferdinand and queen Isabella of Spain helped him. He aspired to find a shorter route to the East by sailing West from Spain to Japan then to India in order to reach the rich Spice Islands and acquire gold, silver and spices. He knew the world was round but he made a mistake in thinking it was smaller than it really is. The issue that was a source of great dispute was whether one could circumnavigate the earth successfully without encountering any misfortunes. He believed he was capable of doing it without dying from dehydration and lack of food. As he went on his last voyage before he died, Columbus realized that he has not reached Asia bit had instead ended up in a continent that was unknown to the Europeans. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand agreed to the demands presented by Columbus if he succeeded on the first voyage. Upon his return he would be made an admiral of the ocean sea, appointed viceroy of new lands, accorded ten percent of new wealth that was realized and knighted. His four voyages exploring the Caribbean and Latin America were a series of great wonder though he experienced an equal share of disasters and disillusionment. His discoveries have placed him on a top rank among explorers. A reward for his success and discoveries earned him the right to bear arms and adopting of the royal colors . 2.0Columbus Day in the United States of America

Many countries celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World in this case the Americans and the Bahamas. It is a day that is meant to celebrate the Italian- American heritage as well as the achievements of Christopher Columbus. This was because as he tried to find a way to reach the Eastern countries through following the West he found himself in Bahamas which made him the first person to explore it. Recently, the Native Americans have been showing a lot of disapproval in relation to the day as they view it as a time of great suffering and oppression. This is because the events gave rise to colonization by the Europeans who regarded themselves as being superior to the other nations. This led to the death of many people through slavery and diseases like small pox and influenza which came up due to the voyages of Columbus . In many Latin nations, as a result of the disapproval regarding the events surrounding the day...
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