Learning Styles

Topics: Classical conditioning, Operant conditioning, Behaviorism Pages: 3 (710 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Learning Experience

A person often learns things through some form of conditioning. Often the learning comes from a cause and effect type relationship between one event and another. At times a person also learns from observing events. The writer will discuss the learning experience of David and how every time a can of sardines is presented to the subject a feeling of nausea occurs. The writer will explain how this learning experience could have been classical conditioning, operant conditioning, and cognitive learning.

The first method of learning that could have taken place in the instance being presented is classical conditioning. Classical conditioning is a type of associative learning that is used to create a relationship between two unrelated objects. Classical conditioning involves many aspects. The aspects in classical conditioning include unconditioned stimulus, unconditioned response, conditioned stimulus, and conditioned response. The two unrelated objects would be the unconditioned stimulus and the unconditioned response. In the presented case the can of sardines would be the unconditioned stimulus and the subject David would be the unconditioned response. The relationship would be established through the conditioned stimulus and the conditioned response. Again in the case would be the can of sardines as the stimulus and the subject David as the response. The conditioning would occur when the subject consumes the can of sardines and becomes sick. The subject therefor associates the can of sardines with becoming sick. Each time the subject is presented with the can the subject has a feeling of nausea.

The next possible method of learning in the instance being presented is operant conditioning. Operant conditioning involves an action and a consequence. Operant conditioning is very similar to classical conditioning. The difference is that operant conditioning is used to modify voluntary behavior whereas classical conditioning does not. In the...
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