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Topics: Kinesthetic learning, Learning, Learning styles Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: October 15, 2011
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Kinesthetic Learners

This paper will discuss mainly the author’s learning style as determined by the VARK questionnaire (www.vark-learn.com). It will discuss the other learning styles and will compare the author’s preferred learning strategies with the recommended VARK strategies. Lastly it will discuss the author’s preferred learning style in relation to bedside nursing.

The author’s determined learning style is strong kinesthetic (www.vark-learn.com). Kinesthetic learners are defined by www.nwlink.com as follows, “Kinesthetic learners do best while touching and moving. It also has two sub-channels: kinesthetic (movement) and tactile (touch). They tend to lose concentration if there is little or no external stimulation or movement. When listening to lectures they may want to take notes for the sake of moving their hands. When reading, they like to scan the material first, and then focus in on the details (get the big picture first). They typically use color high lighters and take notes by drawing pictures, diagrams, or doodling.” In addition, www.vark-learn.com defines kinesthetic learners in ways in which this author closely identifies. They say that these learners are connected to reality and learn well “from movies and simulations of real things” and that they also learn from demonstration, simulation and case studies.

The author’s preferred learning strategies are; skimming reading in assigned chapters paying extra attention to charts, graphs, and pictures, taking practice tests, talking over concepts and teaching others, practicing skills over and over again and reading case studies. This author always needs to be engaged in class, participating in discussion, highlighting in different colors, reading along in the book and taking notes in order to take in and retain information. This student also needs to take frequent breaks to get up and walk around in preparation for the next block of time sitting through a...
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