Learning in an Effective Manner

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  • Published : November 22, 2011
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To Learn in an Effective Way

Living mindlessly can lead to failure, frustration, even tragedy while living mindfully can enrich lives (Ryan 2008: 414-15). Therefore, living mindfully is the principle people should keep in mind to live a better life. “When people see that here’s more than one way of looking at things, they become mindful” (Ryan 2008: 416). To be mindful, people should abandon unalterable thoughts and believe any possibility:

“The way you cultivate mindfulness,” Langer said, “is to realize that information about the world around you is endlessly interesting, and it looks different from different perspectives.” But many people operate mindlessly, pursuing routines rather than looking for new details around them. The results can be disastrous. (Ryan 2008: 416)

To sum up, following routines without changes brings about mindlessness, yet noticing new things keeps people alive. It makes me think of my own experience that can be the perfect evidence for the author’s point. Take my school life as an example. When I first entered college, I was so frustrated about what I can do to prepare for exams. Due to the tremendous differences between colleges and high schools, the study techniques I used to have are no longer helpful for college courses. When I was in high school, I could easily master most of the subjects only by listening to lectures, taking notes, and reviewing. However, I realized that my old study techniques would not work anymore once I had my first mid-term in college. At that time, being an innocent freshman, no matter how hard I tried, I still feel confused while facing those essay questions on tests. Fortunately, I am the girl who always keep attitude in mind. That finding out solutions to problems instead of being defeated is what I have been told by my parents. I soon braced myself up and helped myself out of the difficult position after learning how listening to lectures...
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