Learner's License Test Questions

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1. At night, a car driving towards you has its blinding high beam lights on. The driver of that car is :- 

        a. guilty of bad manners because high beams blind other drivers.

        b. a safe driver because the high beams light up the road more brightly than the low beams.

        c. not obeying the law as low beams should be used when other vehicle approaches near.2. While driving, to make right turn, the proper hand signal is:

        a. extend right palm in a horizontal position outside of and to the right of vehicle with palm of the hand turned to the front.

        b. extend right arm rotate in anti-clockwise direction.

        c. extend right arm with palm downward and more up and down several times. 3. A sign “yield right-of-way” means:

        a. always come to a complete stop.

        b. come to a complete stop is necessary.

        c. drive at normal speed, but look in both directions. 4. While driving you wish to change from one lane to another. You should:-

        a. give the proper turn signal.

        b. change lanes only when it is safe to do so.

        c. never change lanes as it is against the law. 5. You are driving on a two-lane street, the vehicle in front of you is moving very slowly, and the road ahead is clear for overtaking, You should:-

        a. pass the vehicle from the left hand side.

        b. pass the vehicle from the convenient side.

        c. pass the vehicle from the right hand side. 6. What is the maximum speed limit specified limit for Motor Cycles:

        a.40 kms per hour.

        b.50 kms per hour.

        c.55 kms per hour. 7. Your vehicle is involved in an accident hurting people, you should:-

        a. report to the nearest police station, and take the persons to the hospital.

        b. first take the injured people to the hospital and then report to the police station.

        c. need not report to the police station but should take the persons to the hospital. 8. You are pulling into the street from a parallel parking space, you should:-

        a. blow horn and pull from curb slowly.

        b. signal other traffic and then pull into the street.

        c. Proceed with caution when there is no traffic near by to cause an accident. 9. On having changed your residential address from one to another, you should notify the R.T.O. within :-

        a. ten (10) days.

        b. twenty (20) days.

        c. thirty (30) days. 10.While on a main road, another vehicle is found entering the main road from a lane or cross road, who has the ‘Right-of-way’?

        a. vehicle on the main road.

        b. the car approaching.

        c. neither you nor the other car. 11. How close to a fire hydrant (Fire plug) may you park a motor vehicle?

        a. five (5) feet.

         b. six (6) feet. 

        c. ten (10) feet. 12. Which lane must you be in while making a right turn:-

        a. any lane.

        b. extreme left lane.

        c. extreme right lane. 13. Distance between vehicles at the parking place :-

        a. two (2) feet. 

        b. four (4) feet. 

        c. three (3) feet. 14. If your vehicle hits a pedestrian, you should:-

        a. identify yourself and leave.

        b. help the person and call an ambulance.

        c. help the injured person, identify yourself and then report to the police. 15. Overtaking is prohibited:-

        a. when the road ahead is not visible.

        b. on straight road.

        c. in rural areas. 16. Reversing of vehicles is prohibited:-

        a. on main roads. 

        b. in one way. 

        c. on curves. 17. When you allow a vehicle to overtake you must:-...
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