Leading Innovation

Topics: Management, Organization, HCL Technologies Pages: 4 (1236 words) Published: December 9, 2012
The use of corporate messaging has generated tremendous success in HCL Technologies (HCLT) transformational journey, championed by Vineet Nayar, CEO of HCLT. Institutional and organizational change calls for the caliber of management skills and leadership prowess that Nayar provided. The organizational culture of HCLT has been altered into a collaborative, engaging, perpetual learning environment through the use of many different internal and external messaging tools. Corporate Messaging: Internal & External

Nayar leveraged technology to facilitate corporate transparency, trust, the flow of information, and he empowered his employees to take responsibility for leading change and innovation. He did this through the various implementations of new internal messaging tools which include: the U&I portal, MyBlueprint portal, and the Local Financial Information Application (LFIA).

The U&I portal began as a tool that allowed any employee to email the CEO a question, which helped to open the channels of communication and built trust within the organization. Unfortunately, it also resulted in reinforcing the idea of the centralized power and knowledge of the CEO. After this discovery, a “My Questions” section was added that allowed Nayar to ask questions to the employees and employees could respond. Due to its ability to drive innovation and change through organization-wide discussions, management also posts opinion polls, polls results and policy ideas. This tool aided in beginning to shift the accountability for innovation to employees in the value zone.

To further the shift the responsibility to employees, the “MyBlueprint” portal was implemented. This social networking tool, empowered internal employees to aid in the strategic planning process and has further to decentralized the power of the CEO. This portal basically provided an application to socialize strategic planning throughout the organization and lead to decentralized planning...
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