Leadership Styles in Braveheart

Topics: Edward I of England, England, William Wallace Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: April 2, 2011
The Leadership Styles
William Wallace was declared as the protector of Scotland by the noblemen. However, after his recognition, the noblemen began to argue when one of the men announced that it is the proper time to declare a king. Wallace and his team were just leaving when someone asked them where they’re going. To this, Wallace replied that indeed they have beaten the English, but they would be coming back because the noblemen would not stand together. When asked what Wallace is planning to do, he replied, “I will invade England and defeat the English in their own ground.” Wallace had no definite idea on how they were going to do it but he was confident that they would succeed. He also reminded them of their larger purpose, “You are so concerned with squabbling for the scraps from Longshanks table, that you’ve missed your God given right to something better. There is a difference between us. You think that the people of this country exist to provide you with possession. But I think your possession exists to provide this people with freedom. And I go to make sure that they have it.” Coaching

Argile, Wallace’s uncle, came to adopt him when his father and brother were killed in a battle against Edward the Longshanks, King of England. Wallace was eager to use the sword and seek revenge for his family. However, Argile promised to teach young Wallace how to use his wits before he shows him how to handle the sword. Argile was able to raise and coach Wallace well since when he returned to the highlands, he proved to be a man of courage and good sense.
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