Leadership Project

Topics: Leadership, Nelson Mandela, South Africa Pages: 11 (3581 words) Published: April 16, 2013

Table of Contents
1. Introduction2
2. Leadership Attributes and styles3
Leadership attributes3
Leadership styles4
3. Leader of my Choice: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela5
4. Leadership theories applicable in Mandela’s life6
4. a. “Great Man” theory6
4. b. Trait theory7
4. b.i Unselfishness7
4. b.ii Enthusiasm7
4. b.iii Integrity7
4.b.iv Justice8
4. c Transformational theory8
4. d Situational theory8
4.d i Leader-member relation8
4.d ii Task structure9
5. Criticism over Mandela’s leadership9
6. Lessons learned from Mandela’s Leadership Attributes9
7. Conclusion12
8. References12

1. Introduction
Is leadership in-born or acquired? This has been a debate that will never end, or not so soon anyway. Either way, the world has seen many leaders but not all have left a legacy behind them. Being a good leader calls for determination, sacrifice and hard work. A leader must portray the ability to lead and have a strategy to guide this people’s vision to success. Leadership is basically the process where a person adapts the motive of his followers in line with the same goals as his and strives to achieve it. One can be able to motive his followers in different ways depending on his leadership style. Although some leaders will tend to influence people through their speeches, many followers will be inspired and motivated by the leaders’ actions. In explaining leadership, Kotter (1990) argued that the style of leadership is the key to a particulars group performance. The style of leadership however will depend on the situation at hand and to the kind of group it is directed to. Leadership styles and its related theories started many years ago. All through the ages, researchers have analyzed different leadership styles and have derived some specific leadership styles. These styles have been used in both business and government leaderships. 2. Leadership Attributes and styles

Leadership attributes
According to John de Frances, an American linguistic and a worldly recognized speaker, there is more to leadership style. According to him a leader must have some attributes that will make him stand out from the rest. The attributes as stated by him are; * Set high standards

A good leader is one who sees a bigger picture in future. A leader must have a clear vision and farsightedness, more than what a mere individual can see. * Must have a vision and share it with his team

A leader’s goal in success is determined by his vision. A vision encourages you to work hard and strive to achieve it. * Mentor the followers
Normally, those following you look up at you. If you go down, they go down. A good leader is one who keeps the spirits high and puts the best foot forward at all times. * Make hard choices where applicable

Achieving one’s goal is not an easy walk. It demands a lot of commitment and determination. There are obstacles that may require you to make hard decisions. These are decisions that you make not for others benefit, but for the benefit of your people. * Be visible and lead

You are recognized as a leader if your followers can see you in the front. * Give hope and encourage those at the back
In achieving a goal, a leader should never fall out of the way. No matter the obstacles, a leader should instill hope and encouragement to his followers that together they will succeed.

Leadership styles
Different styles will be applied in different organizations to achieve the targeted goals. A leader should be wise and flexible enough to adapt different styles depending on the situation. They are: * Autocratic leadership

This is a style where the leader has all the power to make the decisions without consulting his subordinates. This leadership style is mainly applied in case of a critical situation. * Charismatic leadership

It is a style where the leader encourages teamwork and is confident in...
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