Leadership of Microsoft

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Report of Leadership of Microsoft

1 Introduction2
2 Corporate Background of Microsoft2
3 Analysis of leadership of Microsoft2
3.1 Leadership within Microsoft2
3.2 Leadership Role of Microsoft3
3.3 Importance of leadership4
4 Conclusions4
5 Recommendations5

1 Introduction
This business report is a research on the leadership of Microsoft Corporation. By identifying and analyzing the leadership applied within Microsoft and the leadership role of Microsoft in the software industry, this report illustrates the importance of effective leadership. A summary of key leadership qualities is raised up based on the findings of the leadership characteristics of Microsoft. Further more, relative recommendations to enhance corporate leadership are provided at the end of this article.

2 Corporate Background of Microsoft
Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational giant known as one of the most innovative companies in the world. By developing, licensing and publishing software, Microsoft has been dominating the software industry for years.

The core values that followed by Microsoft are integrity and honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement and mutual respect (Microsoft Website, 2005).

3 Analysis of leadership of Microsoft
Since its establishment, Microsoft has presented a high level of leadership within the industry while competitors such as Apple, Google are struggling to threaten its leading position. Therefore, an analysis on leadership revealing its advantages and disadvantages will be necessary.

3.1 Leadership within Microsoft

Leadership is a combination of self-confidence, power, passion, trust, guidance and effective performance. The leadership style of manager influence the outcome of a project (Muller and Turner, 2006). The leadership style within Microsoft is a combination of centralized, democratic and authorized.

First of all, to maintain the stability of this software giant, there is a high-controlled leadership style of Microsoft. Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft needs to be control in business and is careful with all the decisions and judgments, which indicates an autocratic leadership style.

Secondly, as a company values innovation most, Microsoft also possesses a democratic leadership encourages decision making considering from different perspectives. Their Chairman spend most of his time communicating with information technology specialists about how the new products he makes can be woven into the industry standard products.

Thirdly, just like all the other successful IT companies in the Silicon Valley, Microsoft is started and led by a prominent leader, Bill Gate, which made paternalism as part of the leadership with in the company. Department managers have the main control of their business and also researchers are given free hand for more product launches as a team or group.

3.2 Leadership Role of Microsoft

Firstly, Microsoft leads the world in the field of personal computer operating systems and developing the standards of the industry as the pioneer (Gawer and Cusumano, 2002). As Windows would soon become useless and not generate sales without additional applications, Microsoft made many complements for Windows, such as Office, Outlook, Internet explorer to dominate a significant part of the personal computer platform. The company also actively promoted standards that would strengthen its leading position.

On the other hand, Microsoft plays its leadership role with strong capital and technology power, expanding its business into other related products and industries. Along with five product divisions (Microsoft Annual Report, 2010) that provide leading products worldwide, since the year of 2009, it devotes huge financial strength on the development of “cloud-based” computing services for Windows to enhance its leadership in the industry.

Most importantly,...
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