Leadership Functions

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  • Published : January 27, 2010
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The fourteen leadership functions that Yukl describes are planning and organizing, problem solving, clarifying, informing, monitoring, motivating, consulting, recognizing, supporting, managing conflict and team building, networking, delegating, developing and mentoring, and rewarding (Hall & Tolbert, 2009). Planning and organizing consists of determining goals and defining how those goals will be achieved. Problem solving involves identifying the problem, listing possible solutions, choosing the best solution, implementing the solution and finally monitoring the results. Planning is proactive while problem solving tends to be more reactive (Wart, 2005). Clarifying consists of ensuring our followers know what they need to do and what the expected results the work is. Informing provides information to subordinates and peers to begin the coordination of work efforts. Monitoring within the leadership role is an important function. Leaders must monitor their environments to ensure the effectivness of their processes, the status of their projects, their subordinate’s competancies, and the quality of products and services they produce or deliver (Wart, 2005). Motivating refers to enhancing the inner drives and positive intentions of subordinates or peers to perform well through incentives and inspiration. Consulting involves feedback via question and answering, and the collection of data. Recognizing employees whenever possible, where appropriate, enforces good performance and motivates employees to continually strive to reach the goals of the organization. Recognition costs nothing and the payback is tremendous (Wart, 2005). Supportive leadership consists of consideration and acceptance of one’s needs and feelings. This type of function within the leadership role increases employee’s satisfaction with their jobs (Wart, 2005). Managing conflict and team building go hand in hand. When conflict is managed within a team cooperation is established. Conflict generally...
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