Leadership Essay

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Leadership Essay
Sharon Golston
Grand Canyon University
Theories of Leadership
P Clifford Eason
December 12, 2011

Leadership Essay
Thousands of definitions have been written to identify characteristics that effective leaders should possess; however it is impossible for leaders to be effective if they are unable to understand that true leaders are called by Christ, are servants to Christ, and must seek the vision of Christ. Through Christ, leaders recognize and address the needs of their followers by elevating and empowering them, and will inevitably fail if they allow themselves to simply rule and not consider the moral and ethical implication of their work (Burns, 2003). This essay will examine (a) what defines a good leader, (b) what constitutes an ideal leader, (c) pitfalls of leadership that should be avoided by good leaders, (d)problems leaders are encountering with managing diverse work forces and ever-changing technology, (e) five dysfunctional leadership styles as explained in the book titled Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership. What defines a good leader? Good leaders are possessed with the desire and will power to become an effective leader. Good leaders make a practice of self-development and improving leadership skills through continual study, training, education, and experience. Good leaders have a vision of the future and where they are prepared to lead their organizations to maximize opportunities. Good leaders are both motivated and motivators. These leaders are able to challenge themselves and accomplish new tasks while promoting trust by using communication that is open, readily admitting that they are sometimes challenged by new tasks, and asking and receiving assistance when needed. Good leaders practice integrity in all that they do in their personal and professional lives. Good leaders identify the need for change and work to facilitate change that is ongoing, interactive, and iterative (Facilitating Organization Change, 2005). Good leaders put the organization's interests above personal and professional interests. What constitutes an ideal leader? Ideal leaders are spiritual leaders that are not motivated and directed by their own agendas but instead seek guidance from the Holy Spirit (Blackaby & Blackaby, 2001). The motivation of the Christian leader is the purpose of God and the welfare of the people that they are responsible for leading. The ideal Leader is servant first, and later develops the aspiration to be a leader, always understanding that he is not servant to the organization or to the people, instead he is servant to God. The ideal leader’s spiritual gift is leadership and they are called by God to lead. The Apostle Paul said “We all have gifts. They differ in keeping with the grace that God has given each of us”. If the spiritual gift is to lead, we should work hard at it (Romans 12: 6-8). The ideal leader’s vision is not necessarily the vision that maximizes opportunity for the organization; his/her vision is the vision that is manifested by God. The ideal leader seeks God in all that he does and leads with the direction of the Holy Spirit. Pitfalls of Leadership that should be avoided by good leaders Pride is a leading pitfall that should be avoided. Pride deludes leaders into thinking that they are both infallible and indispensable. According to scriptures “pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18) Arrogance is another pitfall that should be avoided. Leaders should never allow arrogance to creep in and lead them to assume that they should be served by the people. A good leader works alongside his people to effectively get the job done. A good leader never places himself above the people that he has agreed to lead. Leaders should never forget the benefit of praise and affirmation. According to Phyllis...
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