Leadership Development Perk or Priority

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1| Introduction about the case|
2| Analyse the problem with the case using OB theories and concepts. | 3| How should Barton make her case for executive education?| 4| Reflection upon our experience of working in a group.| 5| Conclusion|

6| Referencing|


Karen Barton, Zendal Pharmaceuticals (senior vice president of HR) ,was annoyed when COO Palmer scorched her executive education budget by 75%.The first thought that came to Barton mind that it was a mistake, but it wasn’t a fault as Palmer patiently told Barton, sales were down by 26% and there was $300 million debts Zendal took on when it acquired Premier Pharmaceuticals, as a result Barton’s budget wasn’t the only one being cut. Palmer added that it wasn't clear what would be the return on investment of her proposed program or any of her current ones for that event. Barton's analysis had been extremely short on Quantitative benefits. Barton complained to a friend Carlo Freitas, head of the medical devices division about this, but Freitas disagreed: "If you want dollars, you have to show how you fit in with management's plans. You must be deliberate to fight for the resources with rest of us”. Barton bristled: "Don't you see that my department is connected to all the others? Every division benefits from the HR budget." But she noticed that Freitas was correct. She needed to make the case that duplify her budget was a clever act even in tenacious times.

Q1. Analyse the problem with the case using OB theories and concepts.

Ans. Analysing the case we find the following concepts:

1. Conflict concept: “It is a disagreement between two people or group over some major issues”. In the case there is a disagreement between Palmer and Barton regarding the importance of executive education due to which Barton’s executive education budget was cut by more than 75%.

2. Understanding concept: “It relates to showing/exchanging of one’s thought with that of others”. Here Barton takes helps of her friend Frietas in order to take some decision regarding the executive education. Now regarding this decision Freitas tells her that she should provide justification for as how will executive education somewhere lead to profit of the company.

3. Communication concept: “Communication is process by which information is transmitted between individuals and/or organization so that an understanding of response results”.

Barton knew about the interests of the executive towards a particular program communication with them and also encouraged the executives for enrolling in the respective program they liked.

4. Organization development concept: “It is a long term strategic which focuses on the whole culture of the organization in order to bring about planned changes”

In this case Barton took a step ahead for the executives’ education for executives in the company. Barton as the manager of HR department was wondering as how executives can be provided with the training (organizational department). For this she took two steps:

(a) Initiatives for two types of employees:
* New Hires – who had to be bought up in a quick and speed way. * First level supervisors – these are high potential performers. An average enrolment was between 25 and 30 employees.

(b) Low key approach :
Barton’s team adopted an initiative to collect information on various programs at different B schools. Barton has encouraged executives to speak to the attendees first and look over the course materials those people had brought back. According to her this was a good way to determine whether the executives need fits with the programs theme.

5. Motivation concept: it is one of the most important concepts that best fits in the matter.


Engagement in work behaviour
Activating needs and providing needs satisfaction on environment Needs in individuals

In this...
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