Leadership Brief

Topics: Mind, Management, Problem solving Pages: 2 (493 words) Published: March 29, 2013

My subordinates will describe me as being an influential leader. I say this because I do not ask them to do anything that I would do myself. I strive to be the best even if I do fail and have never been afraid to make a decision in the time of adversity. I am a people person and I challenge my subordinates to strive to do things outside of the box. I like to take charge, encourage those around me, complete the mission, and run to the next challenge. My supervisor would describe my follower-ship as effective. I'm always on time and will stay as long as possible to complete any task. I always show professionalism to the highest degree to all my leadership. I enjoy being the first to volunteer for any task and set the example for those under me. I do this to show them that not only am I willing to give up my personal time, I also enjoy getting my hands dirty and working in the trenches with them. I would describe my leadership style as being people oriented. I think this style is very effective in my work center because it allows me to organize, develop, and support the people in my unit. It is nothing more satisfying in my day than to go out on post checks and my people are happy to see me. Its always a sense of accomplishment to know that I don't have to ask people questions to get them to talk to you on a personal level. I would describe myself as being and no nonsense type of NCO. Even though I laugh and joke around with my flight members, I do not tolerate them to slack off in they're duties as Security Force Members. It is our duty to up-hold the laws and not break them so everyone is held to the same standard. My supervisor instilled these same values upon me so I'm sure he would agree with my opinion. He has witnessed me on several occasions correcting Airman walking through the hallways of my unit. My strengths are being fair, practical, approachable, and honest. I think these qualities go a long way in my profession...
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