Leadership at General Dymanamics

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Leadership Plan General Dynamics


October 21th, 2012

Michael Thompson

General Dynamics (GD0, is a large conglomerate with many companies under their

management, directives, and rules. Based in, West Falls Church, Virginia GD’s CEO Jay L.

Johnson an Ex-Navy Admiral took over as president is the president and CEO of General

Dynamics after leaving Dominion energy, Johnson took over as several years ago replacing the

retiring CEO. GD’s major companies consist of are Bath Iron works, C4 systems, Electric Boat,

and Gulfstream Aerospace in addition they own many other companies mostly in defense. The

Federal government is their major customer. The first step toward establishing management in

which managers take the initiatives and show consideration for employees (Bass, 1990).

General Dynamics

General Dyanmic , CEO Admiral Jay Johnson with his Military Leadership Style leads the entire

company. Johnson, also very much a leader in the civilian world he also works for the U.S.

Government in Washington D.C. He is an advisor and lobbist for defense contracts at the White
House. GD has Inconsistent leadership styles and there is too much military focus, and lacking

of is the case, GD is moving from Military to Transformational Leadership and
transactional to transformational leadership (Bass, 1990).

Most of GD’s companies have presidents and managers for most different departments

Such As in many companies, GD’s divisions all have similar leadership structure. Each

company has a president Vice president and so forth. That is how the majors are set-up, in this

case anyway.

Jay L. Johnson

life and accomplishments

Not a whole lot of information is out there on Admiral Jay Johnson however we do now that

We worked is way up to rank of Admiral and that shows he is a superior leader in itself. Johnson

would have to be a great leader to run all the companies he oversees. He was recently divorced

Jay has a daughter in college. His private life is just that private so unless you read the local

paper it is hard to find out about his personal life. However, I said Johnson was CEO of

Dominion Energy in Virginia before coming to run General Dynamics.

Benefits of Johnson's Autocratic Leadership Style

Johnson’s style of leadership is and seems to be successful due to his working track records.

General Dynamics has done pretty well under his leadership. He and GD are over budget and

passed deadlines on some of the larger project such as, the Virginia class submarines. Currently

the order books are full, and GD products that are going out are of highest quality and I would

feel safe in any of the products they make which is in the thousands.

Disadvantages of JL Johnson's Autocratic Leadership Style

Here at General Dynamics leadership neglect is an important asset. The more rational, logical

approaches there are and can be implemented the stronger the company can be by making

accurate decisions" (Conger, 1991). These words sum up the company very well they make

products and if they fail someone is going to get hurt. GD would rather redesign and redo then

send out a product that fails in combat (Defense news, 2011.)

l Dynamics annual report 2010)


Four major areas of product expertise

Let us start with an overall picture of GD’s leadership structure by listing the major players, in addition, leadership team of GD.
"Historically Leadership has been centered around the leader and the relationship of the

Individual to followers.” (Conger, Kanungo, 1998).

Corporate Culture

most people like working at GD because of it generous benefits and casual dress codes.

This was developed over time this are not what you would call relaxed.

Cons – The...
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