Lbc Chapter 1introduction to Software Engineering

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What is meant by software engineering.

Software engineering ethics
A brief introduction to ethical issues that affect software engineering.

Case studies
An introduction to three examples that are used in later chapters in the book.

Software engineering

The economies of ALL developed nations are dependent on software. More and more systems are software controlled Software engineering is concerned with theories, methods and tools for professional software development. Expenditure on software represents a significant fraction of GNP in all developed countries.

Software costs

Software costs often dominate computer system costs. The costs of software on a PC are often greater than the hardware cost. Software costs more to maintain than it does to develop. For systems with a long life, maintenance costs may be several times development costs. Software engineering is concerned with costeffective software development.

Software products

Generic products
Stand-alone systems that are marketed and sold to any customer who wishes to buy them. Examples – PC software such as graphics programs, project management tools; CAD software; software for specific markets such as appointments systems for dentists.

Customized products
Software that is commissioned by a specific customer to meet their own needs. Examples – embedded control systems, air traffic control software, traffic monitoring systems.



Product specification

Generic products
The specification of what the software should do is owned by the software developer and decisions on software change are made by the developer.

Customized products
The specification of what the software should do is owned by the customer for the software and they make decisions on software changes that are required.

Frequently asked questions about software engineering

Question What is software?

Answer Computer programs and associated documentation. Software products may be developed for a particular customer or may be developed for a general market. Good software should deliver the required functionality and performance to the user and should be maintainable, dependable and usable. Software engineering is an engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of software production. software Software specification, software development, software validation and software evolution.

What are the attributes of good software?

What is software engineering? What are the fundamental engineering activities?

What is the difference between software Computer science focuses on theory and fundamentals; engineering and computer science? software engineering is concerned with the practicalities of developing and delivering useful software. What is the difference between software System engineering is concerned with all aspects of engineering and system engineering? computer-based systems development including hardware, software and process engineering. Software engineering is part of this more general process.


Frequently asked questions about software engineering

What are the key challenges facing Coping with increasing diversity, demands for reduced software engineering? delivery times and developing trustworthy software. What are the engineering? costs of software Roughly 60% of software costs are development costs, 40% are testing costs. For custom software, evolution costs often exceed development costs.

What are the best software engineering While all software projects have to be professionally techniques and methods? managed and developed, different techniques are appropriate for different types of system. For example, games should always be developed using a series of prototypes whereas safety critical control systems require a complete and analyzable specification to be developed. You can’t, therefore, say that one method is better than...
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