Laws of Motions

Topics: Newton's laws of motion, Classical mechanics, Force Pages: 2 (311 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Newton’s Laws of Motions Scrapbook Basic Physics Honors

Newton’s 1st Law of Motion
An object stays in constant velocity until and unbalanced force is exerted upon it.

[pic] ~The water of the waterfall will keep falling due to gravity.

~The papers on the wall stay at rest until wind blows at it. [pic]

[pic] ~The trophy on the table stays at rest until it is taken.

[pic] ~The cup on the table stays at rest until a hand grabs it.

~The turtle keeps on swimming in the water with nothing stopping it. [pic]

Newton’s 2nd Law of Motion
Acceleration depends on mass and force.

[pic] ~It will take a lot more force to throw the basketball than the tennis since mass resists change.

[pic] ~ It will take more energy (force) to eat the bread with the cheese on it since it has more mass.

~ The Ferris wheel will go faster when there are less people. [pic]

[pic] ~ The airplane accelerates with the force provided by its engines.

~It will take more force for a rooster to move than a chick. [pic]

Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion
For every action, there’s a equal and opposite reaction.

[pic] ~ While the finger is pressing down on a piano key, the key is pushing upwards toward the finger.

~The tension of the strings is holding it up when gravity is pulling it down. [pic]

[pic] ~The stuffed animals are being pulled down by gravity but supported by the rack.

~When the bumper boats bump into each other,
their own boats will also move backward a little as a reaction. [pic]

[pic] ~The cake is being pulled down by gravity but held up by the table.

~The Newton Balls is a great example of this law, however many balls you release on one side, that amount will also come out from the other side.
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