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Topics: Law, Racism, Business Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Roles and function of Law
Tina McCammon
January, 16,2013

Roles and function of Law
Business Law relates to the legal matters that involve commercial entities. Some examples of topics covered in business law are contracts domestic and internationally. Employee relations such as discriminatory issues also fall into the category of business law. The laws that fit into this category protect the consumers as well as business owners and stockholders. The textbook refers the case Cipollone v. Liggett Group Inc.,et al. Cipollone filed a lawsuit against Liggett group for false advertising the companies tobacco products and the effects. McDonalds has had similar lawsuits they have been sued over the companies dangerously hot coffee to being one of the reasons Americans are obese. The hot coffee lawsuit actually prompted warning labels on cup lids not only of McDonalds coffee but other vendors as well. My current place of employment I have seen many examples of business law. We have a retail store where we had to initiate contracts such as non-compete contract, transferring of patients, as well as which party is responsible for financial debt during the takeover. My company has also had its share of workman’s comp issues. A fellow employee fell out of a two story window and brought a lawsuit on to the company. Laws can be used to mandate change within an organization as mention previously with the McDonalds caps. My workplace reinforced the windows and trash exit on the second floor to prevent further accidents. Discrimination has also been a factor in business religious, gender, racial discrimination have been heavily debated in many courtrooms.
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