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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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The case discusses how a 31 year old man who goes by the name of John Hoang ended up being charged with aggravated assault and assault with a weapon after a traffic dispute to which he plead not guilty. John Hoang had just exited Highway 401 around 7 A.M. on March 29, 2010, when a car then hit him. Enraged he tried getting the car to pull over but failed, but then managed to get a motorist, Gunanayagam Thurainayagam, to pull over. John had accused him of hitting his car. Gunanayagam denied the accusations, and moments later, Gunanyagam was seen with a piece of steel rebar ready to attack John. John in shock pulled out a box cutter and stabbed Gunanyagam in the shoulder and back, causing him to flee the scene but then turning himself in the next day. At trial John requested a specific amount of money for damages to his car, where Gunanyagam would refuse them all. After testifying and shaking hands with one another, John stabbed Gunanyagam again. The controversy in the case is that John could be using the “self-defense” card when the real motive behind the stabbing might have been actual lashing out to personal reasons. John had just spent a total amount of $30,000 on bills, was fired from his job and left by his fiancée. Also the fact that he stabbed a completely irrelevant man who had nothing to do with the damages done to his car, might mean John has some sort anger management, as he proceeded to stab him yet again afterwards, obviously not learning his lesson. In my opinion, Gunanyagam shouldn’t have had to pull over when he was being chased by John. He had nothing to do with the damages done to John’s car. The fact that John stabbed him not only in the back but in the shoulder too means there was something more going on in John’s head. If it were truly self defense he would have stabbed Gunanyagam in the same place and have ran away immediately after stabbing him instead of stabbing him some more. The compromise I would set to this case is John...
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