Law Opinion Paper

Topics: Law, Separation of powers, Judiciary Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: January 31, 2011
Law Opinion Paper
Leesa A. McNeil

Law Opinion Paper
The United States Constitution is in effect to protect civilian’s rights. The United States created laws to give a sense of order for the way in which society lives. Laws have become more defined to give a sense of order and decency; the more ancient laws faded and evolved favoring the rights of each person. Despite the fact our government has laws that appear to be obsolete; they go back to a time when morality ruled the day. As time goes by more and more laws are being repealed to favor the rights of civilians. In order for laws to be enacted it must go through a process; the first step consists of establishing the law, which is created by the legislative branch of government and enacted; once the law is enacted they are enforced by the executive branch, which controls law enforcement agencies. Finally the judicial branch acts and applies the laws to ensure they are compatible with the United States Constitution and other legal documentation prior to any court decisions (Courts in Our Criminal Justice System, 2003). Before a law is passed they must go through each governmental branch, a law can not be passed unless it is approved by all three branches; this is recognized today as checks and balances. Laws are rules which are to be enforced if not abided by, a law is composed of politics, economics and society, and serve as peacekeepers between individuals. Like in the past laws are composed based on the needs within our society and keep some type of system within our nation. Many years ago we did not have court systems that followed specific protocols. For instance Initially in England a King would serve as a judge an impose punishment on an offender, then judges were established to hear cases on behalf of the King and looked out for his interests. Trials were not as general and easy as they are today; there were several types of trials in which an offender had to go through based...
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