Law of Demand

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  • Published : May 17, 2011
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Iyman almaliki Homework 2 MBA FEMALE SECTION

Question 1 page 93
• Law of Demand
▪ As price increases, the quantity of the product demanded decreases, and as price decreases, and the quantity demanded increases - an inverse relationship exists between the price and the quantity demanded. • Law of Supply

▪ As price increases, the quantity of a good or service a supplier is willing to offer will increase, and as price decreases, the quantity supplied will decrease – a direct relationship exists between price and quantity supplied. • Demand curve

▪ The downward –sloping demand curve illustrates the law of demand, showing that Zach demands fewer bagels at higher piece and more bagels at lower prices. [pic]

• Supply curve
• The upward-sloping supply curve illustrates the law of supply, showing that more is supplied at higher prices and less is supplied at lower prices [pic]

• Factors Influencing Demand
▪ Taste, fashion, and popularity.
▪ Buyers’ incomes.
▪ Buyers’ expectations concerning future income, prices, or availabilities. ▪ Prices of goods related as substitutes and compliments. ▪ The number of buyers in the market.

• Factors Influencing Supply
▪ The cost of producing an item.
▪ Expectations about future market conditions.
▪ Other items the seller does, or could supply.
▪ The number of sellers in a market.

Question 2 page 93

|Examples |Result |Graph change | Chang in equilibrium |Change in equilibrium | | | | |price |quantity | |A decrease in the number of builder in |Decrease in supply |Supply curve shift |Increase |Decrease | |housing market |...
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