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January 2005
I.(a) Using examples, briefly explain the meaning of delegated legislation. Include in your answer an outline description of how Parliament exercises control over the process of delegated legislation. (20 marks)

A.(A) Brief explanation of delegated legislation to include for example explanation of how power is delegated: .Enabling Act., explanation of Ministerial Regulations, Bye Laws and Orders in Council.

B.(B) Use of appropriate examples
C.(C) Outline description of Parliamentary Control, eg role of the Scrutiny Committee, positive and negative processes in laying the delegated legislation before parliament and repeal of the enabling Act

D.Mark Bands

16 . 20 The candidate deals with (A).(C) as follows: max 20: two sound, one clear
max 18: one sound, two clear
max 16: one sound, one clear, one some or three clear. 11 . 15 The candidate deals with (A).(C) as follows: max 15: two clear, one some
max 14: one sound, or two clear or one clear, two some max 13: one clear, one some or three some
max 11: one clear or two some.
6 . 10 The candidate displays some understanding by introducing consideration of any of the material in (A)-(C)
attempts to introduce material across the range but the descriptions are inadequate or suffer from error or confusion.
1 . 5 The answer consists of brief, fragmented comments or examples so that no description emerges
a more substantial answer is fundamentally undermined by mistakes and confusion.
0 The answer contains no relevant information.
E.Exam Report

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