Law and Marijuana Increase

Topics: Cannabis, Law, Drug Pages: 4 (1485 words) Published: May 9, 2013
The Movement of Legalization of Marijuana
As we look at the history, we can learn from our mistakes or even take an idea to become a better country. On March 13, 1933, Roosevelt asked Congress to modify the Volstead Act to legalize 3.2 percent alcohol beer to provide needed tax revenue. From history, it shows that legalizing alcohol helped bring in revenue to the government. As the economy still suffers today, legalizing Marijuana has been a very debatable topic to help the economy. In many cases, the debate is based on legalizing Marijuana to help the economy by taxing this drug. Some suggest that it should stay illegal but some believe that it would help the economy. Legalizing Marijuana is a repeat of history from 1933, when alcohol was legalized for tax revenue. Legalizing Marijuana can help the economy by gaining revenue from tax revenue due to the increase of usage of Marijuana. It also decreases the cost of expense to reinforce the law on Marijuana. From looking at the history, Legalizing Marijuana will be a harmless way to boost up the economy by taxing Marijuana and decreasing expense for enforcing the law, just like in 1933 when alcohol was legalized. Marijuana was proven to be a very beneficial natural plant that was used to make several products. Based on Barbara Bigelow, from the article, “Marijuana”, “Marijuana, or the plant Cannabis sativa, has been used as a medicine, as a part of religious ceremonies, and even as a fiber for making clothing, rope, and paper for many thousands of years… its effects on the brain and body are not yet completely understood” (Bigelow). However, scientist concluded that Marijuana this natural plant was considered a controlled substance that can activate or slow down the brain and body processes. With this discovery, the government categorized Marijuana as an illegal drug. It never made sense how can such natural plant that is beneficially to needed goods and health is consider bad to you. Although, Marijuana...
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