Laurel and Hardy in the 21st Centuary Script!!!!!!!!

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(Audio plays, summarizing what the play is about)

(Laurel and Hardy walk in from the audience onto the stage and the scene begins) (Laurel and Hardy are sitting on a bench and Hardy orders Laurel to prepare a sandwich for him) [While Laurel is preparing Hardy a sandwich, accidently laurel prepares it on Hardy’s hand which makes him very furious.] Hardy (gets angry and hits Laurel on his head)

(Hardy wipes his hands on Laurels handkerchief which he plucks out from Laurels Tuxedo.)

[Later while walking towards their office they see an unusual object in an antiques shop. They enter the shop and sit patiently while Laurel starts fidgeting with some of the marble carved figures and vases.] [Hardy tries to stop Laurel and accidently presses the biggest red button on a weird machine and because of his size the year turns into The 21st Century.]

[When Laurel and Hardy regain their consciousness, they find themselves lying down on a bench in the middle of a busy city (New York)!] [They walk by the city wondering where they are, looking at all those busy people walking on the streets with mobile phones, laptops etc.]

(Laurel goes to move his lips and discovers that he can talk. He was amazed !) [They see two girls and laurel goes up to her].
Laurel (Picks up one of the girl’s dress)
Girl: (screams) Ahhhhhh! What’s wrong with you! You moron! Get away from here or I will call the cops! Laurel :(Panicking, not understanding what’s happening.)(Looks At Hardy) [Girl is screaming in the middle of the crowd!]

Hardy (Panicking expression, pulls laurel away from the crowd and screams at him and climbs upon him ,beating him up with his stick)

[They continue walking, looking at all those tall buildings, bridges etc.](They seem amused!) [They happen to clash into a busy man talking on the phone]. Hardy-excuse me sir where are we, are we in the place where the gods live??? [Common Man thinks of it as a joke]

Common Man: Are you out of your mind! Can’t you see I am getting late for work! Idiots! [Anger]. Laurel (Confused) why didn’t he reply?
Hardy (Scratches his head) I don’t know?)
[After all the confusion they see a café and decide to go in and have a seat] Laurel- I would like a coffee and a sandwich sir
Café guy(after being called a “sir”) – Thank you sir (with a big smile) Hardy- That’s all you going to have? (surprised) Give me a coffee, 2 sandwiches, 2 croissants and a puff sir [They eat it quickly]

[The waiter comes with a bill]
[They are amazed to see that they have to pay an amount of $15.5] [Confused and look at each other and remove some pennies from their pockets] [They don’t have enough money and then the guards throw them out. 1 required for laurel where else 4 were required to kick out Hardy!] Act 3:

[As they continue walking, they see the same 2 girls but in different clothes outside a pub.] Laurel- What’s a pub?
Hardy-(blank and confused expression) God knows
[They follow them and try to enter the club where there are 2 bouncers on the gate] They look at 2 big bouncers outside, they want to know what is going on inside. As the 2 friends try walking into the pub. The bouncers stop them! Security 1-sorry sir but you cannot go in. [They beg and finally they bribe to get in]

Hardy and laurel-give their 2 Raymond suits in a way to barter but the security felt that they were bribing. [They then follow the girls]

[They then follow them and run into their lovers]
[The girls recognize them and then tell the whole story to their lovers] Girl1 – This thin fellow pulled my skirt up in the middle of times square. I was so embarrassed. Girl2 – Yeah she’s telling the truth. They didn’t leave until we threatened them to call the cops. Lover1 – You bastard, you pull my chick’s skirt in front of everyone Laurel- Chick? I’m sorry sir but this, here is a fine beautiful lady and accompanying her is another pretty lady…. And not a chicken Lover 2-...
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