Lateral and Vertical Thinking

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Lateral and Vertical Thinking

De Bono (2010) in ‘Lateral and Vertical Thinking’ explains the positive and negative features of the two ways of people’s thinking, and he tries to clarify it by giving examples. The core advantage of the lateral thinking is the overcoming styptic assumptions and understanding the problem in an completely different way (De Bono,2010). On the other part, vertical thinking is the way of thinking by exact and logical reasoning of the situation. So, the vertical thinkers do not try to see at the problem from different viewpoints, it is easier for them to see straight to the problem; otherwise, the lateral thinkers prefer to study the problem from all possible angles and usually very quickly. Therefore, the lateral thinking gives more probable solutions; it means more advantages for thinker.

Once I heard the interesting for me theory that first group of dancers focuses on definitions and rules, categorizing then standardizing the categorization. And they always ask themselves questions: ‘Does it belong in this box or that box?  Which style is correct? ‘So, there is understandably an emphasis on technique, more specifically on defining and enforcing one correct technique. Therefore, the second group focuses more on the way dance feels — the subjective experience of dancing. And accordingly ask themselves other questions: ’How does it impact us?  How can we enhance the experience for our partners?’  This group’s thinking therefore embraces more creativity and flexibility, to adapt to partners who are different from our own style.

Does it really true? Does it really two types of dancing? As it turned out, no; there is no types of dancing divided by these criteria. So it is a difference between vertical thinking versus lateral thinking, which can happen anywhere.

According to the dictionary, lateral thinking is idea generation and problem solving technique in which new concepts are created by looking at things in novel ways....
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