Laser Projection Keyboard

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  • Published : January 17, 2013
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Laser projection keyboard is one of gadget that developed for a long time but it wasn't popular. Seems like most of people really like this gadget.However a few years later laser projection keyboard was created for using with IPad and IPhone. When a user touches the surface cover by an image of a key , the device records the corresponding keystroke.      A laser projection keyboard was invented and patented by IBM engineer in 1992. It optically detects and analyses human hand and finger motions and interprets them as operations on physically non-existent input device like a surface with painted or project keys. The inventors created this gadget which inspired from the light of laser and they make everything easier by using a little space for placing it on the table. A sensor or camera in the projector pick up fingers movements software converts the coordinates to identify actions or characters. A prominent features is the laser keyboard's size is very small,so you can take it to go to everywhere. Using this gadget is also easy just clear a little space to place it on your table and then you can enjoy working or everything that you want to do with your IPhone and IPad. Moreover this laser projection keyboard is lightweight and easy for taking out.      I think that this product is too expensive but it is very convenient for everyone who love new invention for your Apple's product. If I was the inventor , I wouldn't add any features but I'd discount the price to let the middle class own this laser projection keyboard.
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