Landscape and Setting in Room with a View

Topics: Italy, Renaissance, Novel Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Consider how important a role description of landscape and setting play in the two novels you have studied. You should make detailed reference to your core text A Room with a View and wider reference to your partner text, The Remains of the Day.

Forster makes it evident that the roles of landscape and setting play a significant part throughout his novel A Room with a View. They appear to play key stages among the journeys of different characters, particularly Lucy, who represses her emotions for so long until she is finally enlightened and see’s the truth. Furthermore, how Forster uses the light and dark to reflect the whole Renaissance theme of Italy. Moreover, we see how Forster develops Lucy’s mind throughout the novel, similar to the way Stevens in The Remains of the Day slowly begins to let us see that he is an unreliable narrator, and the truth starts to come out.

The opening chapter of A Room with a View sees Lucy in the Bertolini, her first impression is that “it might be London” and this is significant due to the closed-minds of the other guests. Malcolm Bradbury believes Forster was able “to unmask the illusions, repressions, snobberies and hypocrisies of British Social life” and in A Room with a View this is immediately introduced through Miss Bartlett who is constantly “repressing Lucy”, moreover we get the impression that she is being “narrow-minded” which is also reflected through the setting around them.

The significance of the Piazza is that “the great square was in shadow”, which represents the relation with Italy and the renaissance period. Moreover Forster suggests Lucy is looking for life, “nothing ever happens to me” and the idea of the Piazza in shadows relates to the shadows create on renaissance art to give them a more life-like appearance. Furthermore this is where the murder takes place, this is significant because Lucy is feeling lost and death is easiest the way to show her she has like life. (C)...
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