Land Rover

Topics: Sport utility vehicle, Four-wheel drive, Land Rover Pages: 4 (1149 words) Published: November 21, 2010
To 35-50 year old professionals making a minimum $100,000 annual household income, who have children and an active lifestyle and are looking for a safe, luxurious yet high performance alternative to a mini-van. Land Rover is the brand of luxury, mid-size 4x4 SUVs providing an all purpose vehicle that combines performance, luxury and safety. Because 1.) its offers versatile function and practicality; 2.) offers high-end finishes and innovative creature-features; and 3.) offers 4-wheel drive and exciting performance. The brand character would be athletic, preppy and outdoorsy of but covey an aura of success and affluence - for a celebrity brand character I would suggest someone like Matthew McConaughey – he’s attractive, outdoorsy and adventurous with a beautiful family (who he loves to drive around with to existing places in his Land rover Discovery). He has had much success as an actor, though he’s a bit unconventional – but then again, so is the Land Rover Discovery as it innovates itself into the all purpose vehicle, combining a variety of different aspects that have never before been merge into one vehicle.

Land Rover’s price point appeals to those who are more affluent and looking for a vehicle that offers luxury, style and performance – even though these are professional individuals with families and responsibilities, they still want an exciting vehicle to drive. As an all purpose vehicle the Land Rover Discovery is optimal for a drive to the grocery, carpooling to soccer games, a night out with friends or a road trip through the Continental Divide. Even the name Discovery evokes a feeling of originality and adventure every time you turn the ignition, unlike the typical luxury sedan or mundane mini-van.

Land Rover’s brand perceptions that can be leveraged are as follows:

* Its British background gives the Land Rover brand the perception of credibility and refinement – which adds to the status of the brand. * The Discovery’s off-road and...
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