: Land Resources-Use for Prosperity, Save for Posterity

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  • Published : October 18, 2011
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THEME: Land resources-Use for prosperity, save for posterity SUB THEME: Know your land
Title: Affect of atmospheric conditions on the rate of growth of plants SUMMARY:
The components of growing good plants are the soil and the environment under which it grows so as to have a comparative study of the impacts of various factors contributing to the growth of plants at the same phase of life, three different scenarios, i.e., environments under which they can be cultivated is taken as an experimental study. Our project is basically upon cultivation of plants under different surroundings and to measure the growth and to observe the changes in the growth from time of its plantation. We have planted around 120 tomato plants inside the green house and we have placed a thermometer to know the temperature at which they grow the best. There is a water supply channel which supplies water at regular interval of time to plants. We have grown 5-6- plants outside green house in the pots and some in the soil, to observe their growth under direct sunlight and to test in what type of soil it grows the best i.e., to its maximum height. We have undertaken various steps to ensure their proper growth by dividing ourselves into groups of two members and watering the plants regularly, adding vermin-compost as manure and regularly recording the growth in terms of height. Till date we have observed that the plants under green house have shown the best growth and the ones on the soil have shown less growth in comparison.
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