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Topics: Real estate, Property, Market value Pages: 4 (1259 words) Published: February 5, 2011
Muhammad Kamruzzaman, Land Acquisition Officer, Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 88027118932, 8801554320848 Introduction:
Bangladesh is a land hungry country. Land becomes more and more valuable day by day. However the need of the institutions is increasing frequently for meeting up the demand of the increasing number of population for government and non government organizations. Land is of utmost importance so acquisition and requisition of land are vital issues in our country but the trend of not giving up the rights of land is in vogue. The return of the Govt. for land acquisition seems to be scanty and problematic so owners are vehemently against land acquisition. Though it is very much interesting that they love free riding they do not want to share loses for the public interests. At this backdrop, it is high time that a study on what the issues working behind the curtain for the drawbacks of land acquisition and the recommendations of how the policy of the govt. regarding this issue can be passed to facilitate a fairer and smoother return to the affected people demanded high priority. What is land covers a wide range of study. Our present discussion focuses on acquisition and requisition of land. So the acquisition and requisition of land refers to the process by which Government takes possession of a land property for public interest for short or long term period. Our main concern is about the causes of the acquisition or requisition and the procedure of giving compensation and the amount of compensation given by the govt. to the real owners of land along with the structures, crops, fishes, ponds and the like whereabouts. To have a microscopic viewpoint, it is evident that the affected used to get only the market value of the land and structures during British period which marked through its first law named the Land Acquisition Act 1894 (Act no 1 of 1884 ). However the subsequent...
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