Topics: Marketing, Inventory control system, Management Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Objectives of the study:
Generally , the study was conducted to create a program that would enhance the computerized inventory process for the supplies of _________________ Specifically, it aimed to:
1. To secure the record of supplies inventory
2. Provide detailed information on detailed status of the supplies 3. Help generate inventory reports
4. Update and quickly generate inventory records
5. Supports business easy billing process
Significance of the study:
Inventory system is a software that would help the administrator organize the inventory of thesupplies with the help of computer-based inventory system, manual inventory would be enhanced and will be converted to a more systematicway that will be give more reliable sources of information. It would also make the monitoring process faster and easier. It would also helpin mon itoring the condition of the supplies. Scope and limitation:

Related Literature:
According to Ortiz, Ravelo and Santos entitled Inventory Management System was developed to give an accurate and reliable inventory system of all the available materials. It was intended to provide secured transaction through logging of username and password and a system that could also handle large amount of information. It was also developed to provide an efficient inventory.

The system was composed ofsix module namely the supply, requisition,procurement, condemn, transaction and the admin. Importance of Inventory Management Systems
By Osmond Vitez
Stock Maintenance
Computerized inventory management systems allow companies to properly order and maintain several different types of goods. Different styles, colors or sizes can easily be managed to ensure that consumer demand is met through offering a variety of goods. Most companies use inventory management to keep stock items separate from similar goods; this allows management to determine which items are selling well and which items need to be reduced from inventory...
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