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Nebraska State
Nebraska State is located in the western north-central of US. Nebraska state rank is size wise 15th rank among the 50 states. The state total are is 200,349 square km. Nebraska is bordered on the north by South Dakota, on east by Iowa and Missouri, south by Kansas and Colorado and west by Colorado and Wyoming. The state boundary length is 2,143 km. Nebraska State has a continental climate. It has highly variable temperatures from season to season and year to year. In population wise the state rank is 38th among the total United States. In 2002 estimation, the Nebraska state total population was 1,729,180. The population was projected to reach 1,761,000 by 2005 and 1.9 million by 2025. Nebraska State has many religions. Nebraska's religious history derives from its patterns of immigration. German and Scandinavian settlers tended to be Lutheran; Irish, Polish, and Czech immigrants were mainly Roman Catholic. Methodism and other Protestant religions were spread by settlers from other Midwestern states. The state official language is English. The agricultural Nebraska state ranked 4th among the 50 United States. About $6.1 billion of all farm marketing came from livestock production, and $3.4 billion from cash crops. The US Fish and Wildlife Service maintain 87 public fishing areas. In Nebraska State has negligible commercial fishing. Nebraska has a small but growing industrial sector. The value of shipments for manufactured goods for Nebraska in 1997 was $28 billion.

Nebraska Recreation, Culture and Attractions
Nebraska State is home to several important annual events that help define and celebrate the community, its history, and its future. Other annual activities include the Juneteenth Parade. North Omaha has long been the location of a thriving community of African Americans. They followed African American culture. The most attended Nebraska attractions in 2002. Nebraska State has many attractive places. There are 8 state parks, 9 state...
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