Lady Macbeth Traits

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Lady Macbeth
Lady Macbeth is cunning. As quoted “ You want to have the greatest prize in life, but you act like a coward. You are like a silly cat who wants to catch fish,, but is afraid to get it’s feet wet.” This shows that Lady Macbeth is very scornful over Macbeth and know that his weakness is him not being able to stand people’s insults of him. Lady Macbeth gains control of Macbeth thoughts through insulting him, which makes him want to prove her wrong by doing things lady Macbeth ask him to do even if it’s wrong. She takes advantage of Macbeth’s weaknesses and uses them against him to her own advantage. Thus, Lady Macbeth is cunning. Lady Macbeth is weak. According to the text, ‘The Queen,my lord, is dead.She has killed herself” This shows that Lady Macbeth cannot live with the guilt she harnessed in herself due to the legacy of crimes Macbeth and heer commited. Even though she is the force driving Macbeth to commit those terrible murders, she hides her true emotion and stays strong in front of Macbeth. However, inside of her, the guilt she feels after committing so many crimes is tearing her apart in her mind, thus she cannot live with herself and decides to commit suicide, ending her life. Thus, lady Macbeth is weak. Lady Macbeth is a devoted wife to Macbeth. As seen in the text , “ Sit down noble friends.My husband often acts in this strange way, and has done since he was a young man.” This shows that lady Macbeth cares about the welfare of Macbeth and what other people think of him. She tries to cover up for him whenever she can in order not to spoil his reputation and also does things to help Macbeth achieve more power, though she uses evil and bad means to achive those. Therefore, Lady Macbeth is a devoted wife. Lady Macbeth is ruthless. In the text, it says “ I would prefer to kill my own child than to behave in such a cowardly way.” This shows Lady Macbeth’s true character, her heartlessness.
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