Lady Gaga Born This Way

Topics: Homosexuality, LGBT, Lady Gaga Pages: 7 (2873 words) Published: April 11, 2013
While you have discussed most aspects of this assignment, it lacks enough citation to transform this from opinion. You really must cite sources to give academic credibility to your work, and to this end, you need to include 3 academic sources. Also, you needed to give a more detailed analysis of the song, as well as exploring and summarising the main trends of the era. 18/40

Lady GaGa, a singer/songwriter, and a gay icon, because she was born this way. GaGa originally began performing with her band ‘Stefani Germanotta Band’ at pubs and clubs, and she performed in similar venues solo. At 20 she was hired as a song writer for the likes of Britney Spears and The PussyCat Dolls, she was also signed to Streamline/Interscope Records, creating her dance electro-pop styled album The Fame. A couple of songs feature club dance styled themes, with the heavy drums and bass, the electro hooks and loops and lyrics that insinuate club dancing and being drunk at a club. Her debut single “Just Dance” released in 2008 generated attention from the music world doing her first major performance at the Miss Universe 2008 competition. GaGa’s first sense of stardom and success came from the gay community who requested airplay on radios for her songs and for them to be played at pubs and clubs, but it wasn’t until her song and video clip “Poker Face” were released did she receive copious amounts of attention. Winning and being nominated for several music awards such as The Grammy’s and MTV music video awards. GaGa performed at these major events and on talk shows such as The Ellen Degeneres’ Show. Touring the world and performing to audiences and fans across the globe. You need to state which song you intend to analyse in this paragraph. By winning many of the awards and nominations and performing globally and breaking world records, GaGa has certainly built a name for herself and has developed a large fan base, and because of these fans and her ever-growing stature, GaGa has toured several times supporting her album The Fame and again with The Fame Monster, with her “Monster Ball Tour” which was definitely a surreal show which had a story-line all the way through, similar to a musical. She used extravagant sets and erratic costumes which makes GaGa who she is. Her tour span for 201 shows, through several different countries and cities, and her most highlighted performance, apart from being able to physically be there myself in 2010, was her Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden New York on February 2011, which was a dream come true for her, a goal she was been waiting to achieve her whole career. The concert was filmed with HBO television and released the concert on DVD so that fans can re-live the experience and open the door for people who might be interested in seeing what she delivers to an audience. Include some quotes to back up your observations. GaGa has used social media to connect with fans giving them taste tests of snippets of new songs, or filming the likes of a documentary based on the making of her album. Also using ‘facebook’ or ‘twitter’, artists keep audiences appealed by saying what plans they have in store, social media is a way of sharing a performance or letting people know where they are to perform, it is a promotional usage. “US$90 million Gaga earned on her Monster Ball tour--or her 32 million Facebook fans and 10 million Twitter followers who purchased one million digital downloads of Born This Way in five days and slavishly snapped up the products placed in her videos.” GaGa had an anticipatory build-up to her second album by appearing on talk shows and posting snippets of lyrics and photos on her fan sites and social media sites, and singing a small snippet of her new single Born This Way as she received an award for Best Video of The Year for “Bad Romance” at the 2010 MTV Music Video Awards. This helped with the hype of her single and album to come. The song officially released February 2011; Stated in the...
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