Labor Market: Correctional Officers

Topics: Corrections officer, Penology, Prison Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: February 25, 2008
Labor Market Research: Correctional Officers
There has been an ongoing shortage of corrections officers around the nation. There are several factors that influence the supply and demand for correctional officers. The first factor for the shortage is recruitment, meaning that it is hard to find qualified personnel to fill vacant positions. Along with unqualified personnel, you have training issues, where there is not enough training facilities or funding to train new officers. Other factors deal with the salary that correctional officers receive, and also include issues with union availability. Another factor that may have influence of the supply and demand of correctional officers is the safety issues that are very well known for this job position. These factors can influence the industry in many different ways.

The recruitment for correctional officers have been difficult because there are not many qualified people who are willing to put their lives at risk for minimal salary. It has also been difficult to find personnel that meet the requirements to become a correctional officer. There has also been noted issues of training personnel. When hiring a new corrections officer, they are unable to pull shifts until their 13 week training is completed, or having to retrain transfer officers from different jurisdictions. The biggest factor that influences the supply and demand has been the salary and union issues. Corrections' officers salary starts at about $29,300 and in most states top off at just under $40,000. Many people are not comfortable with the salary for the job requirements and daily hazards. The added issue with the salary is that rural prisons have no access to labor pools, which make it difficult for corrections' officers to have a union. The recruitment and retention of officers are at a steady decline because the job position is hazardous and there is no adequate compensation for the risk level of the job(McConn, 2007)....
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