Lab Test of a Chocolate Cake

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To compare the final product of two different method and ingredient and investigate the factor contributed with the final product’s appearance.


Fine texture, smooth, and even pores
Thin crust

Has tunnel at the centre, dark brown. Soggy
Thick, Tough and harden

Chocolate cake from first recipe gives great texture of crumb and crust of the cake. In contrast, the second cake give a worse texture of the crumb and crust. Both cakes have distinct different in their attributes. This differences can be evaluated from their ingredients itself. Table below shows the baker’s percentage of both cakes. The first cake is denoted as T1, while the second one is denoted by T2.

T1’s recipes shows contained higher percentage of cocoa powder (86%) and eggs (144%). While T2’s recipes give higher concentration of liquid (240%), butter (112%), sugar (200%) and self rising flour. The different amount of liquid contributes to distinct attributes of final product.

Regardless of the richness or ratio of tenderizers and tougheners, all ingredients must be balanced according to their function in a cake batter. For example the structural or toughening ingredients such as eggs and flour should be equalized with tenderizing ingredients like fat and sugar. Likewise the liquid ingredients should be balanced with the dry ingredients. The formation of the starch-protein matrix is important for the support and strength of the cake crumb. When these two ingredients are varied it affects the matrix. The varying sugar concentration will affect the extent of starch gelatinization and denaturation of protein. The addition of increasing levels of sugar in a recipe inhibits these phenomena and thus the matrix is weaker. The weakening of the matrix may make a fluffier, lighter product or make a product that will collapse depending on the ratio used.

Traditional recipes call for the weight of the sugar...
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