Lab. Techniques and Measurements

Topics: Density, Temperature, Volume Pages: 5 (1232 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Name: LaGarrian Harris|Date: 2/10/2013|
Exp 2: Laboratory Techniques & Measurements|Lab Section: 1411|

Data Tables:

Length Measurements

Object Measured|Length in cm|Length in mm|Length in m|

Warm Temperature Measurements

Hot tap water temperature__44.0 ˚?C 111.2˚?F 317.15_K Boiling water temperature at 5 min__100_˚?C_212 ˚?F 373.15_K

Cold Temperature Measurements

Cold tap water temperature_19.0_˚?C_66.2_˚?F 292.15 K
Ice water temperature at 5 minutes___0_˚?C__32 ˚?F 273.15_K

Mass Measurements

Object Measured|Mass in g|Mass in kg|
3 Pennies|7.5|0.0075|

Volume Measurements and Density Measurements with liquids

Mass of empty graduated cylinder__16.7g
Volume of water in graduated cylinder__5.0mL
Mass of graduated cylinder and water __21.6g
Net mass of the water __ 4.9g
Density of the water__0.98g/mL
Percent error___2.0%
Mass of empty graduated cylinder____16.7g
Volume of alcohol in graduated cylinder____5.0mL
Mass of graduated cylinder and alcohol ____20.9g
Net mass of the alcohol ____4.2g
Density of the alcohol__0.84g/mL
Percent error___7.0%

Volume Measurements and Density Measurements with solids

Mass of magnet ____4.5g
Length of magnet ____0.6cm
Width of magnet____ 2.50cm
Height of magnet ____0.6cm
Calculated Volume of magnet ____0.9cc
Density of the magnet___5.0g/cc

Water Displacement and Density Measurements

Mass of magnet ____4.5g
Volume of water in graduated cylinder____5.0mL
Volume of water and magnet in graduated cylinder____6.0mL
Volume of magnet (subtract the two volumes)____1.0mL
Density of the magnet____4.5g/mL

Mass of bolt ____8.0g
Volume of water in graduated cylinder__7.0mL
Volume of water and bolt in graduated cylinder__8.0mL
Volume of bolt (subtract the two volumes)__1.0mL
Density of the bolt_8.0g/mL

Archimedes’ Method
Mass of bolt __ 8.0g
Mass of Displaced Water ___1.0g
Calculated Volume of Displaced Water __1.0mL
Density of the bolt_8.0g/mL

Mass of magnet __4.5g
Mass of Displaced Water __1.0g
Calculated Volume of Displaced Water __1.0mL
Density of the magnet__4.5g/mL

Density of Sugar Solution

Net mass of the original sugar solution___27.4g
Volume of the original sugar solution___25.0mL
Density of the original sugar solution__1.10g/mL

Net mass of the diluted sugar solution____24.8g
Volume of the diluted sugar solution____25.0mL
Density of the diluted sugar solution___0.10g/mL

Conclusion: This experiment is basically dealing with the volume,mass,and density of liquid and solid objects. It also teaches one about laboratory techniques and measurements. Due to this experiment I have became more familiar with the variety of different lab tools. For instance, I've always known about beakers and test tubes, but I never knew about a volumetric flask nor the graduated pipet. I'm looking forward to using them again; very excited. This experiment gives the experimenter tons of knowledge about metric units and prefixes. I've learned that the density of isopropyl rubbing alcohol is less dense than fresh water. Water has a density of 1.0 g/mL, and isopropyl alcohol has a density of 0.785g/mL.

I have observed, to obtain the volume of an irregular shaped object one must use the water displacement method. Once an object is submerged in water in a graduated cylinder the increase in volume subtracted from the original volume will be the volume of the irregular shaped object. This method adds buoyancy. Buoyancy is when an object is submerged in water, a change in mass occurs, resulting in a change in volume. The same goes for...
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