“Kuso Culture Can Positively Uplift the Political Participation of Adolescents.” to What Extent Do You Agree with the Above Statement?

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  • Published : March 30, 2013
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“Kuso culture can positively uplift the political participation of adolescents.” To what extent do you agree with the above statement? With references to the above sources and your own knowledge, explain your answer.

To a large extent, I agree that “kuso culture” can positively uplift the political participation of adolescents. “Kuso culture” refers to people reorganizing other people’s cultural products with creativity, creating works that are humorous and sarcastic. Most of the “kuso culture” is pictures or photos. Adolescents can freely express their views on political events. They are the “second making” of the original pictures, and some of them are just for fun. But most of them reflect the problems or policies that we are facing. For example, when the Chief Executive of Hong Kong was still in the voting period, Harry Tang was discovered that he is telling lies. He built underground Unauthorized Building Works in his house. It is illegal. After this news published, many people started their “kuso culture”. They made pictures to satirize Harry Tang. Making ironic pictures about Harry Tang is also one of the political participations. It can let adolescents care more about policies by “kuso” pictures. Nowadays, adolescents love surfing the Internet. “Kuso culture” can be easily found on the Internet. Due to it, it is not hard to let adolescents keep in touch with the political participation. Adolescents like watching humorous pictures or video. “Kuso culture’s” pictures are humorous and easy to remember. It is also the reason why “kuso culture” is popular and adolescents would like to gain more interests in the “kuso pictures”. “Kuso culture” is like comic books. There are full of pictures with funny charters and actions. But the difference between them is the meaning of the pictures. Comic books may not meaningful but “kuso pictures” are mostly with meaning. They remind people what happened or released in that period of time. For example, iPhone 5 was...