Kufar: Blasphemy

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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Title : Kufar (urdu version)/ Blasphemy (English Version)
Author: Tehmina Durrani......
Pages: 265

“ Wo humain ais dhowray-jahalet aur in halat main wapis lay gay thay jis say humain Rasool Hazarat Muhammad S.A.W (P.B.U.H) nay azadee dilwaee thee. Yeah wo hey halath thay jin k khatmay k leay dinay Islam key zaroorat peree thee”

Kufar , a tragic and shocking story in which the writer deftly uncovers the disgusting faces of the hypocrate known as Peer/Pirs (Sain, Mullanah, Jigirdar ), who present themselves as the conduit between Allah and people (illiterate and ignorant people) . They are playing a curtail role in defacing the values and image of Islam not to only at national but international level. Islam is a balanced religion with balanced rights for everyone, but Alas these Peers and Jigidaars are becoming successful in deliberately molding Islamic rules according to their own desires and wishes. In this book, Tehmina Durrani comprehensively explains the way women rights and actual status given to them by Islam are being abandoned and misused. The writer persistently tries to attain the attention of the reader to the fact that this is not the Islam that our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W (P.B.U.H) gave us and we must struggle together to stand against the injustice done by these so-called divine figures and If we don't we will difinetly ruin our image not only as a muslim but as a human.

“HEER” is the main character of the story, who at the age of fifteen is forcefully married to a PEER SAIN (divine man according to his followers) as a result of cultural and financial pressure. She is brutally beaten up plus mentally tortured many times in a day by her husband over small mistakes. First time she was beaten up because she unintentionally dared to come infront of six years old kid, who in her husband view was supposed to be a "NA-MEHRAM” . She was not even allowed to share her agonies and pain with anyone not even with her mother. She was not allowed...
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