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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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The Beginning and Growth of Kraft Foods

- The year was 1903, the horse and wagon was hired, the lad of cheese which had been purchased, and the entire enterprise was started on $65 capital.

- The driver was James L. Kraft, and J.L and his horse Paddy are the historic “co-founders” of Kraft Foods, now a division of National Dairy Products Corporation.

- In the beginning, J.L drove to the market early each morning and selected the best cheeses available, which he then peddled to the grocers of Chicago.
- Sales prospered, four of his brothers joined him in the business, and through the years Kraft has introduced a series of cheese products that virtually pioneered the eye-catching variety which appears in our modern dairy cases.

- Cheese in tins was developed in vast quantities for America’s armed forces in World War I ; Kraft’s Five Pound Loaf, the world’s first successful packaged blended cheese appeared in 1921 ; Velveeta, a processed cheese food with added mild nutrients made its debut in 1928; the first reusable, decorated glasses packaged Kraft cheese spreads in the early thirties, and in 1950 the company came into the market with Kraft Deluxe slices of pasteurized process cheese – the first pre-pack-aged sliced process cheese to be seen in a diary case.

- From 1928 on, Kraft made news in other and diversified fields such as salad dressings and margarines.

- With its distribution system specially designed to service perishable cheese products, it was a logical step to utilize the truckers and service for the then equally perishable salad products and margarines.

-Then in 1933, Miracle Whip salad dressing was introduced and promoted through the debut of the Kraft Music Hall on Radio.

- It was successful and quickly climbed to a leading position among salad dressings where it has remained.

- Salad dressings manufactured by Kraft including Miracle Whip, mayonnaise, and blue cheese dressing.

- In the Margarine field...
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