Kpop Intro Essay

Topics: Billboard Hot 100, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Seo Taeji and the boys introduced rap, rock and techno in the music. Ever since then, many other idols or young singers have been coming out with these types of songs. Kim Bum Soo was also the first singer from South Korea to get into the Billboard hot 100 chart and ranked 51st in 2001 (North East Cricket Forum). Ever since Kim Bum Soo entered the Billboard chart, many other singers and idols also started to enter the charts. Then soon after, Wonder Girls made it into the Billboard chart with the song ‘Nobody’. Also, many of the singers go abroad to perform, like Japan, China, Philippines, Paris, USA, etc.

Many of the singers are already performing in many other countries besides Korea. “Girls’ Generation signed with Interscope Records to release the group’s latest album in the United States last autumn and made its American television debut on David Letterman’s “Late Show” in January” (nytimes). Many others concerts were held in the US including SM Town New York, SM Town LA and the Google concert, which was held in San Francisco. Just to participate, all the singers that performed probably had many hours of training, but not all the singers in Korea came to perform. Only the popular singers performed.

In order to rank high in the charts, or get into the Billboard charts, the singers and idols had to get months or years of training. The singers also have to wait in order to get a call from these countries saying to come over. The idols have about 12-17 hours of training each day for over a few months to years. The smallest amount of training in Exo-K was Baekhyun with about a year of training (Ohkpop). Suho had the longest amount of training in Exo-K, with about 7 years (Ohkpop). Jo kwon also had about 7 years of training in order to debut into the group 2AM (Seoul beats). However, IU only had about 10 months of training before debuting as a solo singer. “Trainees train almost nonstop for an average of two to five years before being allowed to debut.”...
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