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Canada became known for its efforts in the international disputes. This peacekeeping role became useful, responsible, and relatively inexpensive. Canada became a significant country; it helped many people across the world and made a difference. However, does Canada deserve the title of being a peacekeeping nation? Canada has always been a strong supporter of the United Nations (UN) and of peacekeeping, and has participated in almost every mission since its inception. Canada can proudly boast peacekeeping is a major national tradition in Canada. Therefore, can it be stated that Canada deserves the title of peacekeeping nation? Through an analysis of the events of the peacekeeping in Canada. Canada stopped ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, Rwanda etc. And to preserve peace.

Canada stopped ethnic cleansing in Kosovo
- The Canadian Forces have been active participants in the recent NATO intervention in Kosovo - NATO's reason for entering the conflict was humanitarian: it wanted to stop the Serbian persecution of Kosovar Albanians, whom the Serbian military systematically attacked and sometimes killed. - A multinational force, comprised primarily of NATO (including Canadian) troops, but working under a UN mandate, entered Kosovo to keep the peace. By 20 June, all Yugoslav forces had left Kosovo

Canada stopped ethnic cleansing in Rwanda
- There was a mass killing of thousands in Rwanda. The blame has been put on the Hutu militia killing Rwanda Tutsis. The killing lasted for approx 100 days - Rwandan people thought that the UN would stop this and have it under control but they ended up leaving them because they feared the same results would happen like Somalia -

To Preserve Peace
* The prestigious Nobel Prize was awarded to so many Canadian peacekeepers. * the first half of the 20th century, more than 1.5 million Canadians were called upon to...
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