Korean Civil War as Part of the Cold War

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Korean Civil War as Part of the Cold War

On June 25 1950 North Korea invaded an unsuspecting South Korea. The South Korean army was pushed back to the southern edge of Korea until the United Nations armed with sixteen countries came into the war and pushed them right back close to China. After that, the South Koreans and U.N forces were pushed back to the 38th parallel where a cease fire happened on July 27 1953 and has held to this day. During this war, China and the Soviets both backed the Communist North Korean Government led by Kim Il-Sung, while the United States and the United Nations both backed the South Korean Democratic Government led by Syngman Rhee. Was the Korean War just a Civil War, or an episode in the Cold War? The Korean War can be seen as an episode of the Cold War, although it started as a civil war, it continued as a conflict between the United States and Russia. This essay will talk about Domestic affairs which led to the start of the civil War, how the war turned into a National conflict, what role Russia and the USA played and, how the Cold War influence affected today’s Korea.

The Korean Civil war did not start as part of the Cold war, but as a domestic affair with the intent of unifying Korea under one single government led by Kim Il-Sung’s Communist party. When Korea was freed from Japan, both the Americans and the Russians went to occupy Korea. They met in the middle and decided to split Korea into two separate nations, North and South Korea. A different government was set up in each nation with a Communist government in the north and a Democratic government in the south. Tensions were high and neither dictator wanted to stay on their own side of the 38th parallel. This caused a lot of border skirmishes and 10 000 North and South Korean Soldiers died before the war had even begun. Kim Il-Sung and Park Hun-young believed that it was impossible to unite their fatherland by peaceful means. (Bok-ryong 137) This caused...
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