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Tara Botwinick
NEW 205: Profile Assignment
Sitting in a NEW 205 class on the first day of the spring semester, Kati DeCaire looks like just one of the many fresh-faced college students ready to take on the world. But DeCaire is not your typical Syracuse University underclassman. Unlike many of her peers, she has already had life experiences far from typical for someone her age. She has suffered hardships and made tough decisions that have taken her on an incredible journey. At 18 years old there was no turning back for DeCaire. It was at this young age that she ran away from home to follow her dreams of love, family, and a successful career. Rebellious and tired of living with her mother’s rules, DeCaire dropped out of high school in her senior year. In order to support herself, she found a full time job working in a local sports arena. It was there she met her boyfriend, who was playing lacrosse. The relationship proved to be life changing. So devoted was she to her “true love” that DeCaire moved from her hometown of Hogersville, Ontario to the United States. With the support and encouragement of her boyfriend, her focus shifted and she decided to continue her education. She soon earned her high school degree and began taking college courses at Onondaga Community College. It was not long after completing her first semester at OCC that DeCaire felt the desire to pursue her aspiration of attending Syracuse University. Her acceptance was a culmination of her hard work and determination to follow her dreams. However, as she began to prepare for her first semester at SU, DeCaire became pregnant. After a great deal of soul searching, she knew the right choice was to put her dream on hold and defer her enrollment to Syracuse to take care of her baby. Through much hard work and sacrifice, DeCaire was able to achieve stability and balance in her life. Today she is the proud mother of a happy and healthy baby boy named Locklan. She has returned to SU and is...
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