Kite Runner Chapter 6

Topics: The Kite Runner, Fighter kite, Kites Pages: 2 (534 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Plot –
In Kabul winter is the best time of year for the boys. The entire school close and the boys spend their time flying kites. • Baba takes Amir and Hassan to buy kites from the old blind man who makes the best kites in the city. • The highlight of the winter is the annual kite-fighting tournament, when the boys’ battle kites by covering the strings in broken glass. When the last kite is cut down, the boys called the kite runners chase the kite until it falls. • Hassan is the best kite runner in Kabul and he always seems to know where a kite will land before it falls down. Setting –

Kabul in winter time
Kite tournament
Shops (e.g. kite shop)
Amir’s House
Characterisation – In this chapter Amir come out as a jealous type. When he, Hassan and Baba are in the kite shop getting kites for the tournament Amir says “He’d buy it for Hassan too. Sometimes I wished he wouldn’t do that. Wished he’d let me be the favourite”. Pg 45 -This shows that Amir really wants Baba to love him and not Hassan and that Hassan is a mere obstacle in the way of Baba. Amir also realises the power he has when Hassan tells him that he would rather eat dirt than lie to Amir. Hassan really shows his loyalty when he says that he would do what Amir wants and would eat dirt for him. At this point in time Hassan is completely oblivious to what Amir wants so he acts as usual. Once again Baba is boasting about what he has done in his life that is better than Amir. He tells Amir that he can win the tournament but Baba himself had cut 14 kites in his flying days. Baba says this so that Amir will look up to him and be grateful for the father that he has. Themes –

Kites: Kites are obviously a big part of the book but especially this chapter. It tells of how Hassan would catch a kite once it had fallen as he is the best at it but it would always be given to Amir, the one it belongs to. This is the case in many other circumstances in the boy’s lives, Hassan always puts Amir...
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