Kiswana Browne

Topics: Poverty, Parent, African American Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: October 4, 2010
                       Kiswana Browne                                                                   Kiswana Brownes struggle was predicated on the guilt that she felt for the previous generation’s struggles, because she sees those people are poor, and needy for help. Kiswana Browne was a heroine. She always shows concern for the earlier and current generations, and she is aware that their skin color is disadvantage, it is pains her. She was different from others; she was certainly the rebellious free spirit that characterizes. Her peer does not care but Kiswana does. Nevertheless, she stands up from them. In the story there are many details about the neighborhood where poorest people live, and where poverty is the prevalent. Kiswana still dream’s of another world with values that will comet fruition one day. Furthermore, there are many component parts in the conversation between Kiswana and her mother that make emphatic the contrast with her parents rich surrounding and beliefs. The other things is that Kiswana is emphatic on living her won life, with poor derelict area where she decide to settle down, Kiswanas mother did not agree with Kiswan’s plan. “you don’t have to sell out……you could become an assemblywomen……that way you could really help the community,’”   At least you have a halfway decent view. Its the boulevard. Honey, “did you know hinder Hills from here?”  “Look I know its not hinder Hills”. It’s (Page 81). In contrast with other young people who make their own revolution only in mind, Kiswana made it real her life completely.                     There for she changed her Christian name to that of Kiswana so as to show how proud she is for her Africans origins and that is explained in well its awfully strange you can for get a name. She also refused to accept her parent’s political beliefs and ideas as long as they supported the weak from a secure position. You don’t have. About social conditions....
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