Kings Speech

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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Rayne Raven
Charles McGranaghan
English 100
30 October 2011

The King’s Speech
The King’s Speech, is a film about the Duke of York, who is suddenly crowned as King George VI of England. The only problem that the Duke of York possessed is that he suffers from a horrible speech impediment that causes him to “freeze up” or stammer in front of people while talking. His wife, Elizabeth, arranges her husband to attend and be in the presence of a speech therapist. Although King George VI is hesitant at first, nevertheless, he realizes the treatment is beneficial and ends up creating an incredible bond between the two.

Throughout the film, there are many scenes that could be labeled “good” but not many scenes I could label as “bad”. However, I think one of the best scenes in the movie is to get the audience drawn into King George’s problem. While he was the Duke of York at that time, he gave a speech and completely froze up. This brought the audience into his problem of his speech impediment. My rationale of this is because I have experienced this exact same thing before, and because of that, it drew me in and had my suspension of belief locked in. The only scene throughout the film I could label as bad is the scene of the first session of the treatment. In my mind, I thought there could have been more added to this scene, except the King was not accepting of the doctor’s suggestions whatsoever. If the scene were to be more dramatic, I think would have added a much needed effect to realize how this was really eating away at the King. There seemed to be no hope in his mind, and he is too willing to give up.

One of the best scenes in the movie happened to be the night after he made a recording of himself reading and began to listen to it. After the first session, he stormed out saying this is pointless and his stammer will never be fixed. However, during the night, he decided to play his record which lead to his belief that maybe, just maybe, he will be able to...
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